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Welcome!  The Instinct Ambient label and its related releases have been inadequately represented and quite often totally misrepresented on the internet - so I felt it was my obligation as a committed experimental ambient music geek to make the situation somewhat better.  This project is in continual refinement and I always welcome comments, knowledge, and tips about this record label which is so fundamental to many of us and which will always hold a special place in our hearts.


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Why Doesn't Instinct Ambient Still Exist?

Instinct Ambient was a sub-label of Instinct Records from early 1995 through early 1997.  Instinct Records made its name in the early 90's with house artists like Moby and then later started releasing techno projects from Europe which quickly gained them recognition among the still young techno and acid scenes in the United States, and is still operating today.  In the mid-90's the company swung over to more underground ambient-oriented music when it started releasing the FAX series featuring Pete Namlook, and later the Em:t series, both of which showcased a dark but clean, early ambient sound from the UK and Europe.  Around that time, Instinct Records also started releasing new projects such as Prototype 909, Mysteries Of Science, and Omicron, which along with several other projects from the abroad resulted in the two holy grails of ambient-techno, the Plug-in + Turn-on series and the ground breaking Chill-out series.  Accordingly, many of the projects from Plug-in + Turn-On and Chill-out, and the artists they were comprised of, are the projects and artists that went on to first release under the 'Instinct Ambient' imprint and later on the actual Instinct Ambient label.  Instinct's Prototype 909 was a collaboration of Taylor Deupree (already releasing ambient as Human Mesh Dance), Dietrich Schoenemann, and Jason Szostek, all three of whom appear early on 'Instinct Ambient' imprint.  Terre Thaemlitz produced his first full-length release under 'Instinct Ambient", as did Savvas Ysatis, and Jamie Rudolph.  Before the formation of Instinct Ambient the label, it appears that it was largely a creative outlet that allowed the artists from Instinct Records, and friends, to regroup and release highly experimental ambient music, mostly under their own direction.  From 1995 through 1997, as a true label and division of Instinct Records, Instinct Ambient officially released some 18 albums of new, fantastic, and very unique ambient work.  Even Tetsu Inoue, Adham Shaikh, Deep Space Network, and Abe Duque contributed to the effort.

In April of 1997, seemingly out of nowhere, Instinct Ambient released a compilation entitled "High Performance" which suddenly featured not one of the beloved original projects, but rather a dicey collection of new, rookie, micro-groups that didn't, in any way, fit the established Instinct Ambient bill.  In one single record issue, the theme skip-jumped from the established, minimalist, experimental ambient sound to hyperesthetic Nu-Jazz.  Instinct Ambient managed to cough up four more of these obnoxious releases before finally disappearing.  In the wink of an eye our refined, thoughtful, and intelligent ambient provider went crazy, screamed obscenities, and then dropped dead onto the floor...

Slowly Instinct Records itself transitioned into Trip-Hop and Acid Jazz and the entire experimental ambient crew drifted off to bigger and better things.  Two of the most prominent artists on Instinct Ambient, Taylor Deupree and Savvas Ysatis went on to release together on Caipirinha, then on Taylor's own label, 12k, and also on another Instinct sub-label, Shadow.  Matt Haines took his Control X project to VRG Records and later went on to become Rip-Off Artist.  Dietrich Schoenemann went to 12k and released as Drum Komputer, Unit Park, and EOX with Taylor Deupree, and later worked with Casey Hogan on the infamous Stamp Series.  Perhaps Instinct Ambient never was supposed to last very long, perhaps it simply didn't bring Instinct Records much revenue after the initial "ambient wave" of' 94 - '95.  Whatever happened back, Instinct Ambient will always remain the completely unique snapshot of experimental synthetic bliss from some of the greatest electronic ambient minds of their time.


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This web site is a discography, a knowledge base, and a statement.  (I've italicized statement in order to make it seem more ~dramatic~)

Of course, I cannot say much about the Instinct Ambient records I have not seen or heard and cannot get.  The entire release history of Instinct Ambient is represented here, but if you own or have access to any of the releases for which I'm missing information (which means that I don't own or have access to them), I urge you to contact me.  Your help will be duly noted,  I don't consider myself a music critic or reviewer by any means, so you won't see much of my own opinion on these releases and projects, except perhaps in the notes column, until I can figure out a decent approach, but if you have something to say about them and want to send it to me, and if I think it adds value to this web sire, I'd be more than happy to post it with a credit.

If you happen to be an Instinct Ambient artist and you have some anecdotes, stories, or information, I would be forever in your debt if you'd take the short time to pass them along; we'd all appreciate it.

And, most importantly, you'll probably notice that many releases, projects, and artists are missing biographical information on their detail pages.  This is because I'm pretty busy and can only get to these when I have the time to do so, which, lately, isn't so often.  If you would like to write and submit a biography it would be of great value to this web site, certainly a great help to me, and I will be more than happy to credit you.  I just ask that you spend the time to ensure that it's somewhat accurate and that you'll allow me to edit the content, minimally and only if needed, in order for it fit this web site.  All it requires is a little time with your browser to pull enough information to write a bio.  For release bios, feel free to quote yourself if you wish to give your own impressions.  And just remember not to mix project bios with artist bios.  If you have any questions, you're absolutely welcome to contact me.

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Instinct Records | List-Mails

In the early days of Instinct Records (and the internet) they used list-mail to communicate with their public.  The following snippets exhibit the very beginnings of the 'Instinct Ambient' idea up through the early promotion of the monthly ambient series, which marks the beginning of Instinct Ambient as a qualified label.  This is about as close to watching the whole 'Instinct Ambient' phenomenon being born as we're probably going to get.



- [ December 5, 1993: ]
Get ready for the launch of our newest imprint... so much of
our recent music has been heading this direction, it's only
logical. Instinct Ambient will showcase some of our exciting new
Ambient Artists including Terre Thaemlitz, Dominic Woosey, Human
Mesh Dance, and more

- [ April 18, 1994 ]
Our newest imprint INSTINCT AMBIENT is in full effect.... in
June we begin the first full length ambient artist releases featuring

- [ February 20, 1995: ]

Over the past year the Instinct Ambient series has earned a
reputation as the premiere American showcase for new electronic
talent. Critically acclaimed artists launched on the Instinct
Ambient series include Human Mesh Dance, Terre Thaemlitz,
Mysteries of Science, WOOB, Omicron, and SETI.

INSTINCT AMBIENT is proud to announce the launch of a bold new
look and enhanced release schedule for 1995 as limited edition
series of monthly releases with beautiful packaging and
booklets. Quickly becoming the premier place to find new
American electronic talent, Instinct Ambient now has an exciting
new look to match. We start the year with a double-CD from
SETI and a double-CD series compilation.


Instinct Ambient | The Complete Discography
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( Note: 12" releases will be added soon.  If you own any 12" releases from Instinct Records or Instinct Ambient, please contact me. )

Instinct Ambient | Pre-Imprint Releases

A few releases made it to press before the idea of 'Instinct Ambient' was brought to the surface at Instinct Records (which was approximately December of 1993).  These releases most likely would have been included in the 'Instinct Ambient' sphere, had it existed when they went out.  The success of these albums is most likely what sparked the idea of an ambient series, as such they are included here as important precursors, and should be sought out by those interested in experimental ambient music from the Instinct projects and artists.


Human Mesh Dance

Taylor Deupree

human mesh dance hyaline cover insert Title: Hyaline
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-261-2
Release Date: 9/30/1993
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.  Smooth Sea, Clear Sky  (1:08s)
2.  Sunflower  (5:10s)
3.  Dahlia  (5:08s)
4.  Counterglow  (4:12s)
5.  Transient  (5:46s)
6.  Signs Of Life  (5:24s)
7.  Moonflower  (5:22s)
8.  Goodbye  (12:05s)


Savvas Ysatis

omicron symbolis cover insert Title: Symbolis (EP)
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-263-2
Release Date: 9/30/1993
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.  Whaler (Strobe Mix)  (6:04s)
2.  Symbolis  (7:20s)
3.  Arrowdrum  (8:12s)
4.  T  (6:34s)
5.  Whaler  (6:01s)


Instinct Ambient | Imprint Releases

Before Instinct Records officially sub-labeled Instinct Ambient they released some albums under what they called the 'Instinct Ambient' imprint.  The following releases are officially dubbed 'Instinct Ambient' but are still released on the Instinct Records catalog.  Most of these releases feature the new 'ambient' logo and all of these releases are designed by Taylor Deupree.  Mysteries Of Science does not have the new logo, but Tranquilizer and SETI do - the rest I need to confirm.  I suspect the logo was created just after Mysteries Of Science went to press - Mysteries Of Science does have "a m b i e n t" written under the standard Instinct logo where it would normally say "r e c o r d s" and is the only release, as far as I know, with this interim logo style,

instinct ambient logo      instinct ambient logo


Mysteries Of Science

Dominic Woosey

mysteries of science cover insert Title: Mysteries Of Science
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-279-2
Release Date: 7/1/1994
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.  Virtual Wake  (10:13s)
2.  Worldweb  (7:07s)
3.  The Interweave Conundrum  (9:54s)
4.  Ginza Nightscape  (8:45s)
5.  River Of Black Ice  (29:45s)
6.  Diffusion  (12:14s)
The debut from Mysteries Of Science.

Terre Thaemlitz

terre thaemlitz tranquilizer cover insert Title: Tranquilizer
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-283-2
Release Date: 7/26/1994
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Terre Thaemlitz
1.  040468  (8:18s)
2.  Fat Chair  (5:48s)
3.  Raw Through A Straw  (11:05s)
4.  Meditation Of The Mountain Oyster  (9:14s)
5.  A City On Springs  (10:57s)
6.  Hovering Glows  (9:11s)
7.  2 Am On A Silo  (8:41s)
8.  Fina - Departure  (4:57s)
Terre Thaemlitz's first full length release.  This album does not include his highly regarded track 'Tranquilizer' despite the name.


Taylor Deupree
Savvas Ysatis

seti cover insert Title: SETI
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-287-2
Release Date: 6/15/1994
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.    Signal 001 (8:56)
2.    Signal 002 (5:36)
3.    Signal 003 (3:51)
4.    Signal 004 (7:14)
5.    Signal 005 (3:36)
6.    Signal 006 (6:10)
7.    Signal 007 (3:34)
8.    Signal 008 (3:29)
9.    Signal 009 (13:14)
10.  Final Signal (5:42)
The debut from SETI.


Savvas Ysatis

omicron acrocosm cover insert Title: Acrocosm
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-289-2
Release Date: 8/1/1994
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    Earth Rider  (07:23s)
2.    Spaced Nature  (03:02s)
3.    Warped Upward  (06:12s)
4.    Lluana  (10:28s)
5.    Caterpillar To Butterfly  (07:06s)
6.    Tranquility Base  (05:46s)
7.    A Thousand Dyes On The Moist Earth  (06:23s)
8.    Orca  (06:23s)
9.    One Voice  (05:30s)
10.  Acrocosm  (12:08s)

Deep Space Network

David Moufang
Jonas Grossmann

deep space network big rooms cover insert Title: Big Rooms
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-292-2
Release Date: 8/3/1994
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.  Zenn La  (7:58s)
2.  The Beyond Within  (9:31s)
3.  Om  (9:22s)
4.  Nothing Is  (7:23s)
5.  Xplorexpandxperience  (7:55s)
6.  Graviton  (7:01s)
7.  Doors Of Perception  (9:09s)
8.  Psycho Path  (10:43s)
9.  Number Nine  (5:19s)



Human Mesh Dance

Taylor Deupree

human mesh dance mindflower cover insert Title: Mindflower
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-303-2
Release Date: 9/11/1994
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.    Nerve Crystal  (3:15s)
2.    Hyaline  (7:54s)
3.    Soft System  (7:33s)
4.    Wet Moon  (6:46s)
5.    Skyflower  (7:22s)
6.    ∞  (5:37s)
7.    Music Of The Spheres  (7:23s)
8.    Satellites (Ring The Sky)  (4:52s)
9.    Giant Clouds  (6:02s)
10.  Deep Phase  (4:57s)
11.  Sparkle  (2:58s)
12.  Birth Of A Perfect Planet  (8:17s)


Instinct Ambient | Monthly Series Releases

Instinct Ambient is officially sub-labeled and gets it's very own schema and catalog in 1995.  This is the "bold new look and enhanced release schedule" mentioned in the list-mail from February of 1995  (see above).  Shortly after this series gets under way in the US it is announced that they will also be simul-released by the new Instinct Ambient Europe label, operated by KK/Nova Zembla.  The monthly series features ten albums (or eleven, counting Ambient Intermix) by nine projects or artists, compiled, and mostly designed, by Taylor Deupree.

(A personal comment form me:) This is the pinnacle of the entire Instinct Ambient marketing effort.  Overall aesthetic is definitely an intrinsic part of what makes something ~cool~ to me and my close friends to this day, and certainly back when we were young electronic music geekers, infiltrating the big city, seeking the aural stimulants that kept us from having to be normal.  When I first rolled my eager eyes over the CD bins, to land them on these beckoning works, to undress them in my over-fueled, young mind, I knew instantly that I had to have them for everything I was worth (about $23US at the time).  I'm talking about the kind of overt interest that should have gone towards the girls perusing pop music on the other side of the isle.  I was very intrigued.  I should mention that my like-minded friend and I found a great deal of exotic humor in these alluring designs and ideologies.  These are very ~cool~ and were very impacting.  Unfortunately, I'm still looking for some of them...

instinct ambient logo

[ Instinct Ambient, the sub-label, begins here in 1995 ]




Taylor Deupree
Savvas Ysatis

SETI pharos cover insert Title: Pharos
Cat #: AMB:001-2
Release Date: 1/28/1995
Format: Double CD
Markets: US / Europe (shown)
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.  Beacon 01  (18:53s)
2.  Beacon 02  (6:17s)
3.  Beacon 03  (6:19s)
4.  Beacon 04  (4:34s)
5.  Beacon 05  (6:07s)
6.  Beacon 06  (6:53s)
7.  Beacon 07  (4:47s)

1.  Beacon 08  (11:31s)
2.  Beacon 09  (4:04s)
3.  Beacon 10  (7:15s)
4.  Beacon 11  (2:11s)
5.  Beacon 12  (5:39s)
6.  Beacon 13  (9:25s)
7.  Beacon 14  (14:06s)
Instinct Ambient's first official release.  It was distributed with a sticker quoting Leonard Nimoy, who is also thanked personally in the liner notes.


ambient intermix cover insert

Title: Ambient Systems
Cat #: AMB:002-2
Release Date: 3/15/1995
Format: Double CD
Markets: US / Europe (shown)
Design: ?

1.  Terre Thaemlitz - Trucker  (9:51s)
2.  Sub Dub - The Calling  (7:59s)
3.  Adham Shaikh - 11:11 Wingate  (16:14s)
4.  Omicron - Positron  (8:48s)
5.  Sub Dub - Liquid Mantra  (5:06s)
6.  Facil - Same Place  (6:49s)
7.  Adham Shaikh - Spectrum  (11:21s)
8.  Human Mesh Dance - Winter Orbit  (6:40s)

1.  Deep Space Network - Elevan Bars  (5:44s)
2.  Mysteries Of Science - Chaos Pleasure  (8:12s)
3.  Terre Thaemlitz - Meditation Of The Mountain Oyster  (9:11s)
4.  Omicron - The Surface Of A Young Planet  (9:17s)
5.  SETI - Beacon 05  (6:38s)
6.  Facil - 89-16  (8:31s)
7.  Evolve Now - Ethereum  (4:58s)
8.  SETI - Photism  (7:10s)
9.  Mysteries Of Science - In Fevered Dreams She Comes To Me  (10:43s)
A compilation of then current Instinct Ambient projects.  After SETI, this sets off the future of this label - obviously very good things are going to come from Instinct Ambient...


Savvas Ysatis

omicron the generation and motion of a pulse cover insert Title: The Generation And Motion Of A Pulse
Cat #: AMB:003-2
Release Date: 3/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: ?

1.  New Universe  (9:18s)
2.  Box  (13:10s)
3.  Symbiont  (7:16s)
4.  Static State  (7:37s)
5.  Positron  (8:48s)
6.  O:scent  (5:12s)
7.  Mecca  (4:54s)
8.  G-zone  (6:30s)
9.  Metabolic Wave  (9:00s)

If you own this release, please contact me.


Carlos Abe Duque
Dietrich Schoenemann

facil  cover insert Title: Facil
Cat #: AMB:004-2
Release Date: 4/25/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: Taylor Deupree

1.  89-16  (8:39s)
2.  4546345  (7:46s)
3.  115  (7:18s)
4.  Tree Frog  (10:42s)
5.  700 x 7  (8:35s)
6.  88-30  (5:49s)
7.  960  (9:27s)
8.  Loop 8  (17:08s)

The cover art is designed from the industrial safety icon for "Hearing Protection Required".

Mysteries Of Science

Dominic Woosey
Track 4 also by Cet Merlin

mysteried of science cover insert Title: The Erotic Nature Of Automated Universes
Cat #: AMB:005-2
Release Date: 5/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.  Into The Mechanic Phylum  (17:29s)
2.  Guten Tag, Herr Stockhausen  (7:47s)
3.  The Technological Womb  (10:56s)
4.  Interfacing  (28:34s)
The cover art is made from the industrial safety icon for "Laser Radiation".  The title of this album was probably taken from Umberto Eco's book, Foucault's Pendulum.

Adham Shaikh

Title: Journey To The Sun
Cat #: AMB:006-2
Release Date: 6/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: ?
1.    Guru Sambhu Dada  (1:47s)
2.    Emergence  (9:58s)
3.    Flute Interlude #1  (0:42s)
4.    Journey To The Sun  (14:15s)
5.    Innocence  (0:34s)
6.    Infinite Emanation  (9:42s)
7.    Dropal  (1:07s)
8.    Flute Interlude #2  (0:44s)
9.    Ethereal Ion  (3:23s)
10.  Liquid Evolution  (16:39s)
11.  Ganges By Full Moon  (2:27s)
12.  Sri Kainchih Templebells  (1:13s)
13.  Zero G  (5:46s)
If you own this release, please contact me.

Terre Thaemlitz

Title: Soil
Cat #: AMB:007-2
Release Date: 7/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: ?

1.  Subjective Loss, Day 83  (9:25s)
2.  Elevatorium   (10:43s)
3.  Yer Ass Is Grass  (8:22s)
4.  Trucker  (9:53s)
5.  Aging Core, Aging Periphery  (10:04s)
6.  Cycles  (11:41s)


Escape Tank

Taylor Deupree

Title: Escape Tank
Cat #: AMB:008-2
Release Date: 8/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: Taylor Deupree

1.  Born With Wings  (9:55s)
2.  Escape From What? (37:10s)
3.  Ex-con  (42:10s)
The cover art is made from the industrial safety icon for "Moving Platform" or "Lifting Device", aka an elevator.  The album credits "Rudy Hill, Otto, and Molly Taylor" but is in fact the work of Taylor Deupree.

Control X

Matt Haines

Title: ...To Abort Transmission
Cat #: AMB:009-2
Release Date: 9/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Brian Walters

1.  Ambient #4  (4m 41s)
2.  Fat Baby At Market  (6m13s)
3.  Ambient #5  (9m47s)
4.  Babylon  (6m20s)
5.  Tango Uniform  (8m21s)
6.  Ambient #1  (6m44s)
7.  Hoodoo  (8m18s)
8.  Ambient #7  (8m13s)
9.  On A High Dub Plain  (8m26s)

There are a small quantity of misprinted releases that feature the misspelling of Matt's name and a missing space between "Control" and "X" on the cover.

The Super Secret Symphony

Carlos Abe Duque

Title: The Super Secret Symphony
Cat #: AMB:010-2
Release Date: 10/28/1995
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Brian Walters

1.  Symphony Number One  (30:02s)
2.  Symphony Number Two  (28:57s)
The voice sample are fantastic on this album.  Features the same Illuminati symbol found on the US dollar bill.


Instinct Ambient | Post Series Releases

After producing the monthly series, Instinct Ambient began releasing more albums from, and compilations featuring, their base of experimental ambient projects and artists.  Each and every one of these albums is great on its own, but each is essential for fully understanding the extended, post-series, Instinct Ambient vibe.  They're definitely not as focused as were the monthly series releases; these remaining releases explore several different musical areas while still maintaining the trademark Instinct Ambient sound.



Title: Ambient Intermix
Cat #: AMB-1002-2
Release Date: ?/1995
Format: Double CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: Taylor Deupree

1.  Omicron - Static State (High On Transistors)  (7:08s)
       - remixed by Escape Tank
2.  Drum Komputer - E.P.L. (Femme Machine)  (11:17s)
       - remixed by Terre Thaemlitz
3.  Human Mesh Dance - Giant Clouds (88.8 Mix)  (7:45s)
       - remixed by Facil
4.  Terre Thaemlitz - Elevatorium (Sub Dub Remix)  (4:55s)
       - remixed by Sub Dub
5.  SETI - Beacon (Universal)  (11:02s)
       - remixed by Adham Shaikh
6.  Control X - Babylon (Sky Dive Mix)  (6:36s)
       - remixed by Human Mesh Dance
7.  Sub Dub - Liquid Calling (Adham Shaikh Remix)  (7:21s)
      - remixed by Adham Shaikh
8.  Adham Shaikh - Emegence (Sub Dub Remix)  (7:57s)
      - remixed by Sub Dub

1.  Control X - On A High Dub Plain (Pod Ball Mix)  (7:22s)
       - remixed by Escape Tank
2.  Escape Tank - Escape From What? (Control X Remix)  (15:09s)
       - remixed by Control X
3.  Facil - Tree Frog (Sticky Feet Mix)  (6:18s)
       - remixed by Human Mesh Dance
4.  SETI - Beacon 01 (X-Vx Mx)  (6:52s)
       - remixed by Drum Komputer
5.  Terre Thaemlits - Trucker (Burnt By The Muffler Edit)  (6:44s)
       - remixed by Facil
6.  Facil - 700 X 7 (Sky Mix)  (7:44s)
       - remixed by Control X
7.  Adham Shaikh - Liquid Evolution (Sinking Canoe)  (12:42s)
      - remixed by Terre Thaemlitz
Features tracks by Instinct Ambient projects remixed by other Instinct Ambient projects.  A highly appropriate and polymorphic cap to the monthly series.

Sub Dub

Raz Mesinai
John Ward

Title: Sub Dub
Cat #: AMB-6001-2
Release Date: ?/1996
Format: CD
Markets: US (shown) / Europe
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.    Intro  (1:08s)
2.    Backup  (3:24s)
3.    Rising Dub  (6:29s)
4.    Jihad (Desert Storm Mix)  (5:27s)
5.    Drifting  (8:23s)
6.    Assunni  (2:39s)
7.    Jihad (Sub Dub Meets the Opiated Hash Assassins)  (7:06s)
8.    Ambient Syndrome  (4:20s)
9.    Elastic Dub  (4:32s)
10.  Deserted Dub  (7:57s)
11.  Ambrosia  (6:48s)
12.  19.6  (1:15s)

Tetsu Inoue

Title: World Receiver
Cat #: AMB-6002-2
Release Date: 6/11/1996
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Brian Walters
1.  Inter Link  (10:31s)
2.  Health Loop  (8:15s
3.  Elevator Drops  (9:31s)
4.  Background Story  (8:12s)
5.  Invitable Colour  (8:09s)
6.  Mood Swing  (8:46s)
7.  Smile  (10:04s)
Tetsu Inoue also appears on the FAX compilations, as Datacide, which was also released by Instinct Records.


Taylor Deupree
Savvas Ysatis

Title: Luv Luv
Cat #: AMB-6003-2
Release Date: 8/6/1996
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
1.    Ripper  (5:54s)
2.    We Can Get There  (8:09s)
3.    One Up  (6:17s)
4.    Low Down  (4:38s)
5.    Beamship  (5:37s)
6.    Dimitra's Bedroom  (10:17s)
7.    That Crazy Laterna Man  (0:50s)
8.    Free Radicals  (7:02s)
9.    Good Things Happen With The Rain  (6:34s)
10.  Moodswings  (5:41s)
Serious tone-bass work underneath some sharp, trippy loops.


Taylor Deupree
Savvas Ysatis

Title: Ciphers
Cat #: AMB-6004-2
Release Date: 10/8/1996
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.  Fragment.01  (6:41s)
2.  Fragment.02  (8:35s)
3.  Fragment.03  (8:25s)
4.  Fragment.04  (9:29s)
5.  Fragment.05  (5:37s)
6.  Fragment.06  (9:08s)
7.  Fragment.07  (4:14s)
8.  Fragment.08  (3:30s)
9.  First Fragment  (4:57s)
SETI's third release, the second from Instinct Ambient.


Title: Ambient System 2
Cat #: AMB-6005-2
Release Date: 10/4/1996
Format: Double CD
Markets: US
Design: M. Elton Eller

1.  Dietrich Shoenemann - Who's A Patient  (5:44s)
2.  Steps-Dis-Charge - Track 2 (Part 2)  (6:02s)
3.  Drum Komputer - Nano  (11:29s)
4.  Omicron - Nightfall  (7:14s)
5.  SETI - Fragment 003  (8:23s)
6.  Tetsu Inoue - Invitable Colour  (8:03s)
7.  Selway - Inside,Wasting Time  (8:21s)
8.  Synapse - When The Sky Opens Out For You  (7:13s)
9.  Terre Thaemlitz - Random Attractor  (10:49s)

1.  Terre Thaemlitz - A RandomTractor  (8:09s)
2.  Futique - Low Down  (4:31s)
3.  Sub Dub - Jihad  (7:03s)
4.  BPMF - Funky Sunday With Baby  (8:30s)
5.  Adham Shaikh - Ascend  (10:06s)
6.  Human Mesh Dance - Freefall  (6:32s)
7.  The Super Secret Symphony - George Washington  (5:30s)
8.  Dietrich Shoenemann - Blink  (6:52s)

Taylor Deupree was not the designer on this or the the rest of the remaining Ambient Systems releases.

Adham Shaikh + Tim Floyd

Adham Shaikh
Tim Floyd

Title: Drift
Cat #: AMB-6006-2
Release Date: 11/12/1996
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    Phaze  (1:30s)
2.    Portals (Part II)  (7:41s)
3.    Estuary  (9:44s)
4.    Snakedance  (8:35s)
5.    Bend  (1:41s)
6.    Embers  (5:07s)
7.    Warm Fuzzys  (8:43s)
8.    Resolution  (4:46s)
9.    Calling  (2:01s)
10.  Lullaby  (6:53s)
11.  Beacon  (5:50s)
12.  North Twin  (13:20s)
Various Title: Ambient Systems 3
Cat #: AMB-6007-2
Release Date: 4/15/1997
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    Human Mesh Dance - One Ten  (?)
2.    Adham Shaikh + Tim Floyd - Untitled  (?)
3.    Steps-Dis-Charge - Track 2 (Part 1)  (?)
4.    Terre Thaemlitz - Aging Core, Aging Prophecy  (?)
5.    Selway - Data Stream  (?)
6.    SETI - Aerino  (?)
7.    The Super Secret Symphony - Samuel Adams  (?)
8.    Drum Komputer - EDL  (?)
9.    Dietrich Shoenemann - Lower  (?)
10.  Tetsu Inoue - Background Story  (?)
Instinct Ambient's last traditional, truly ambient release. If you own this release, please contact me.


Instinct Ambient | Where Things Went Wrong

Suddenly, we never hear or see any of the original projects or artists again on the Instinct Ambient label.  The kind of music on the following final albums is probably best classified as Nu-Jazz, and you will not find release and project details or artist bios for them (but they are Instinct Ambient releases none-the-less and they need to be listed).  My apologies to these artists.


Various Title: High Performance
Cat #: AMB-6008-2
Release Date: 4/28/1997
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    Chamber - Funky Paradise  (?)
2.    Globo - Thirteen (Remix By Beaumont Hannant)  (?)
         - remixed by Beaumont Hannant  (?)
3.    Omnivore - Spandex  (?)
4.    Slab - Rampant Prankster  (?)
5.    Soil - Imaginary Ocean  (?)
6.    Crash - Shoeshiner  (?)
7.    The Big Eye - Beelzedub  (?)
8.    Pilote Burst - Rare Vermont  (?)
9.    Slab - Atomsmasher (Remix By Andrew Weatherall)  (?)
        - remixed by Andrew Weatherall  (?)
10.  Transcendental Love Machine - Electraster  (?)
11.  Girl Eats Boy - Girl Eats Boy  (?)
12.  Blue Fog - Contra  (?)
Released in the UK as "Hydrogen Dukebox: Shake The Bones".  Who are these projects and where did they suddenly come from?  I'm afraid that it will never get better from this point and Instinct Ambient is basically over.

Note: Andrew Weatherall is actually Two Lone Swordsmen from WARP records.

Note: Slab and Girl Eats Boy is actually Lol Hammond from Drum Club on Instinct Records.


Jamie Odell

Title: Martian Arts
Cat #: AMB-6009-2
Release Date: ?/1997
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    Martian Arts  (6:40s)
2.    Slow 'N' Low  (5:50s)
3.    Quartalist  (7:10s)
4.    Frames With Frames  (6:35s)
5.    Mind Painting  (6:30s)
6.    Bad Hair Blues  (5:55s)
7.    Stateside On Monday  (5:50s)
8.    Topics In Groove  (5:03s)
9.    Wild Light  (7:40s)
10.  Playtime  (7:21s)
I suspect Instinct Ambient has become a jump starter for Nu-Jazz projects that Instinct Records is nervous about releasing on the main label.


Roskow Kretschmann

Title: Universal
Cat #: AMB-6010-2
Release Date: ?/1997
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.  Die Sylphen  (7:18s)
2.  Universal  (7:22s)
3.  Arena  (7:41s)
4.  Mosaik  (8:07s)
5.  Aquarium  (10:46s)
6.  Aeroboot  (6:15s)
7.  Les Promesses D'Une Chevelure  (4:39s)
8.  Atlantis  (6:04s)
No comment.
Various Title: The Next Step
Cat #: AMB-6011-2
Release Date: ?/1997
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    Endemic Void - Serious Intent  (5:43s)
2.    Kosma - Aeroboot  (6:17s)
3.    Mr. Electric Triangle - A'luomo  (3:45s)
4.    Jimpster - Mind Painting  (5:33s)
5.    Cujo - Traffic  (5:50s)
6.    Spaceways - At Home With The Snake  (5:11s)
7.    Taran - Lines  (7:36s)
8.    The Chris Bangs Project - Future Cliche  (5:15s)
9.    Red Snapper - Crusoe Takes a Trip  (6:38s)
10.  Izit - Blakey  (6:15s)
11.  Four Ears - Blue Jungle  (5:46s)
12.  James Hardway - Monique  (6:23s)
I bought this back in 1998 before I knew anything wrong had gone on.  I remember thinking, "Oh fucking sweet!  A new IA!".  This is not experimental ambient music.

Note:  Red Snapper went on to record for WARP records is quite good, though not ambient, under that label.

Jammin' Unit

Cem Oral

Title: Deaf, Dub, And Blind
Cat #: AMB-6012-2
Release Date: ?/1997
Format: CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.    32° In the Shade (?)
2.    Handbagdub (Version)  (?)
3.    Blind Television (Version)  (?)
4.    Thirst At Dawn  (?)
5.    The Story Of… 4 E's (Undead Mix)  (?)
6.    Stomach Trouble Dub  (?)
7.    Dub Is In The Air  (?)
8.    Deaf, Dub And Blind  (?)
9.    The Story Of Brad Wilson…  (?)
10.  Life On The Balkon  (?)
11.  Over The Jordan  (?)
12.  Lots Of Marijuana  (?)
13.  The Remoteman  (?)
Instinct Ambient released this and then promptly died.  Also released on Blue Planet in the UK.

(I've read that this is actually a more traditional and very well done dub/experimental album, but I've never heard it.)

This is Instinct Ambient's last release.

If you own this release, please contact me.

[ Instinct Ambient, the sub-label, ends here in 1997 ]


Instinct Records | Related And Notable Releases

The following releases are related the the Instinct Ambient projects and artists in some important way.  Most of these pre-date the 'Instinct Ambient' concept entirely.  Instinct Records also released a few more "Ambient Systems" compilations after the demise of Instinct Ambient.  These are in fact very good and feature the original artists and projects, regardless of the label's Nu-Jazz hiccup during its final days.

If you own a release that you think needs to be listed here please contact me.

Note that this is a new chronology, separate from the above listings.

Various Title: Chill Out!
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-257-2
Release Date: 8/4/1993
Format: Double CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.  Jo Bogaert - Ambient Kinsky
2.  Omicron - Whaler (Strobe Mix)
3.  The Irresistible Force - Sky High
4.  Young American Primitive - Sunrise
5.  In-Existence - Eternal Lover
6.  Meat Beat Manifesto - Pot Sounds
7.  Air Liquide - Tanz Der Lemminge 2
8.  Evolve Now - Dream (Subdued Mix)

1.  Deep Space Network - Soylent Green
2.  Modulate - Dreams
3.  Sine - Venus
4.  Cosmic Baby - Planet Earth 1993 (Blue)
5.  Moby - My Beautiful Sky
6.  Symetrics - Jupiter 6
7.  Rising Sun - Ocean View
8.  Human Mesh Dance - Dahlia
9.  Micheal Kandel - 5/18/93

We get to see some of the Instinct Ambient crowd's early works on this compilation which is probably one of the most defining collections of experimental techno, trip-hop, and ambient music ever assembled.

I'm missing my jewel case for this release and still need some information.  If you own this, please contact me.

Various Title: Plug-in & Turn-on
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-267-2
Release Date: 3/28/1994
Format: Double CD
Markets: US
Design: Taylor Deupree
[CD1] - "Trance"
1.    Prototype 909 - Transit  (5:50s)
2.    Evolve Now - Extract  (5:54s)
3.    Drum Club - Sound System  (11:31s)
4.    GTO - Wonderful  (6:19s)
5.    Human Mesh Dance - Dive  (5:18s)
6.    Terre Thaemlitz - Freakazoids And Robots  (5:44s)
7.    Omicron - The Pill (Cycle High)  (7:17s)
8.    Cabaret Voltaire - Brasilia  (5:50s)
9.    Mothering Noise - Again In Dust  (5:56s)
10.  Mysteries Of Science - Softly Sing The Angels  (9:50s)

[CD2] - "Ambinet"
1.  Drum Club - Furry Meadows  (7:30s)
2.  Terre Thaemlitz - Hovering Glows  (9:01s)
3.  GTO - Pure (Beautiful Mix)  (2:46s)
4.  Mothering Noise - Blossom Tranq'd  (8:44s)
5.  Mysteries Of Science - Diffusion  (12:07s)
6.  Human Mesh Dance - Human 2  (5:11s)
7.  Cabaret Voltaire - Low Cool  (6:30s)
8.  Omicron - A Thousand Eyes On Moist Earth  (6:24s)
9.  Evolve Now - Convex  (4:39s)
Another groundbreaking compilation.  Suddenly the artists and projects become very focused from Instinct.  This album is divided into Trance and Ambient CD's which is a clear indicator of where things are going.  This is a really fun album - the Instinct Ambient universe is coming into focus.
Various Title: Chillout Phase Two
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-268-2
Release Date: ?/1994
Format: Double CD
Markets: US
Design: ?

1.  Voodoo Warriors Of Love - Sweat (8:36)
2.  Serve Chilled - Eve's Theme (13:24)
3.  Sad World - Apadana (5:05)
4.  Terre Thaemlitz - Fat Chair (5:46)
5.  Deep Space Network - Zenn La (7:52)
6.  Cabaret Voltaire - Project 80 (Extract 1) (15:04)
7.  Mysteries Of Science - Creatures Made Of Light... (10:15)
8.  Human Mesh Dance - Wet Moon (6:41)

1.  Sun Electric - R-gent (5:17)
2.  Optica - Dolcevita (5:21)
3.  Aphex Twin - Blue Calx (7:08)
4.  Prototype 909 - Understand (11:10)
5.  Drum Club - Spaced Out Locked In (6:05)
6.  Air Liquide - Sun Progress (8:43)
7.  Omicron - Tranquility Base (5:47)
8.  The Irresistible Force - Space Is The Place (8:57)
9.  Orbital - Belfast (8:06)

I've listened to this more than any other compilation album I've ever owned - and as a result I've lost it.  I need info: If you own this, please contact me.
Various Title: Plug-in & Turn-on 2
Label: Instinct Records
Cat #: EX-297-2
Release Date: ?/1994
Format: Double CD
Markets: US
Design: ?
1.  Evolve Now - Impetus   (3:49s)
2.  Deep Space Network - Gluon (14:49)
3.  Adham Shaikh - Millennia (11:37)
4.  Sub Dub - Rhythm Collision (6:53)
5.  Woob - Odonna (Bells Remix) (4:52)
6.  Human Mesh Dance - Glow Of Red Hydrogen (7:16)
7.  Cabaret Voltaire - Exterminating Angel (7:57)
8.  SETI - Signal 009 (10:40)
9.  Mysteries Of Science - Stranger In A Strange Land (8:17)

1.  Woob - Pluto (Trip To Pluto Remix) (10:09)
2.  Adham Shaikh - Vapor (9:40)
3.  Deep Space Network - Epen'a (9:41)
4.  Drum Club - Drums Are Dangerous (Hardkiss Remix) (6:17)
5.  Human Mesh Dance - Sunflower (Sunbox Remix) (5:59)
6.  Terre Thaemlitz - Tranquilizer (13:01)
7.  Omicron - Lunar Bloom (6:25)
8.  Prototype 909 - Planet S (4:40)
9.  Sub Dub - Babylon Unite Pt. II (5:48)
Most of our Instinct Ambient friends are gathered here on this mostly ambient compilation, just before the idea of 'Instinct Ambient' is put into motion.  Notice that the future 'Instinct Ambient' artists are becoming more concentrated.

I'm missing my jewel case for this release and need some additional info, if you own this release please contact me.
[ End ]

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