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At VEKTOR MK II rev 6 I have DC-coupled the input amplifier to the two internal clipping amplifiers which takes the clippers off of the virtual ground circuit. High-pitch oscillations have been eliminated. Clean and dirty input amplifiers are now separate and two levels of input-clipping (compression) have been added to the dirty end. The input amplifiers are now based on the OPA2134 while the high-gain clippers are based on the wide-swinging TLC2272. I was hoping to get away with a 5532 in there…doesn’t cut it…NEED the swing.

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Some major changes to the VEKTOR Mk II circuit topology in version 5 A (NO DISASSEMBLE! D:) and I was able to solve some of the issues I was having with loading and internal impedance.  I also have the transistors clipping asymmetrically and nicely.  And with THAT everything sort of came to life…so…WOOT.  :D